Sunday, 12 June 2016


BOOTS the family Cat has passed on. Boots made our home his home one day 17 Years ago, he came crying in a panic, into my shed workshop, very distressed. Because he had a collar on I told him to go home, not realizing at the time, he had been abandoned or was lost.
The very next day he came back, even more determined and looking very frightened, not owning a Cat at the time, I did not have any Cat food to feed him, so I thought "milk" then I thought "cornflakes" Not a good combination, but he was so thirsty drinking the cornflake/milk, I then realized just how dehydrated he must have been. We made the usual inquiries locally and he made the "have you lost a black and White cat" in the local paper. But no one came forward to claim him.
So we now owned a Felix type cat. What to call him? Cornflake? sprang to mind, then my Brother John came up with Boots ( he had four white paws ) and the name stuck.
He came into our home crying and departed crying. One of those fearful phone calls I received at work, from my brother "come home Boots looks very ill". I dashed home from Kidderminster, it took half an hour, arriving back to discover Boots on the floor on a blanket, so we gathered him up and off to the very local Vets, it was late too late, the vets were closed, so I called the Vets number it redirected me to another emergency vets 7 Miles away. But he did not make it.
This was to be His last journey. He departed on Friday 13th!! of May 2016. Just as the Lilac Tree bloomed
The lilac Tree is above his head in the Photo, and the fence ledge, also above his head
was where he "Cat like" used to walk along to his lofty perch.
We laid him to rest, where we would often find him on a summer night at the bottom of a green leafy edge.

Good night Mr. BOOTS

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